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Animated Album Cover on Tidal.

Discover the best version of your album covers with true-to-life animations.

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Animated Album Cover on Tidal: a Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create and Upload Animated Albums to the platform.

Animated album covers are here to stay. Learn how you can ride this wave with eye-catching animations for your music and how to successfully provide and upload animated album cover on Tidal music streaming platform.

Animated Album Cover

In a highly competitive industry like music, are the ultimate solution to stand out. Learn how to provide for your songs and how to upload your animations to supported music streaming platforms.


An emerging trend.


As the digital music industry evolves, artists and music enthusiasts are finding innovative ways to enhance their online presence and captivate their audience. One exciting trend gaining popularity is the use of animated album cover on Tidal. These visually engaging creations add a dynamic touch to the music listening experience and can make your songs stand out from the crowd.

In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through the process of uploading an animated album cover on the Tidal music streaming platform, enabling you to showcase your creativity and leave a lasting impression on your listeners.

Step 1:

Provide an Amazing Animated Album Cover.

Are you looking to publish a stunning animated album cover on Tidal? I am a 2D Animation Artist specialized in animated albums with more than 160 animations to my name. With my expertise and experience in the industry, I can help you bring your music to life with captivating visuals along with:

1. Enviable Experience: With more than 500 animations (including desktop/mobile wallpapers), I have more than enough expertise to share with you and guide you through the process of animating an album cover.

2. Unparalleled Creativity: I will work closely with you to understand your music and artistic vision, ensuring that the animated album cover perfectly represents the essence of your music.

3. Professional Quality: With years of experience in the field, I deliver top-notch animations that meet the highest industry standards. My portfolio showcases my dedication to producing visually striking and captivating designs.

4. Customer Satisfaction: My reviews are testament to the satisfaction and loyalty of my clients. Rated 5 out of 5, with 100% satisfied and returning customers, I prioritize providing exceptional service and ensuring that your animated album cover exceeds your expectations.

Learn more about me and my work and explore my portfolio. Together we can create an animated album cover that elevates your music and captivates your audience.

Step 2:
Preparing Your Animated Album.

Wether you’ve decided to collaborate with me on your animated cover, it’s important to ensure that it meets Tidal’s technical requirements. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Video Duration: Tidal supports animated album covers with a duration of up to 10 seconds. Make sure your animation falls within this time frame or your animation might not be approved on the platform.

2. File Size: Animated album covers with Tidal’s 1 : 1 aspect ratio should be no larger than 8 MB. Certify that your animated album file size is optimized without compromising the quality of your design.

2. File Type: Animated albums are nothing more than video files produced in a loop, meaning they will never end (infinitely). Usually, we are talking about *.MP4 files encoded with the H264 encoder, which is an advanced video compression (known as “AVC”) standard used in MPEG-4 video files that provides good video quality at considerably lower bitrates when compared to its predecessors.

3. Video Aspect Ratio: Tidal requires a minimum resolution of 1280 x 1280 pixels for animated album covers. Ensure your animation adheres to this aspect ratio to avoid distortion.

Step 3:
Upload Your
Animated Album Cover on Tidal.

Now that you have a polished animated album cover that meets Tidal’s technical specifications, it’s time to upload it to the platform. Follow these instructions:

1. Login: Access the Tidal for Artists website ( and sign in to your account. If you don’t have an account, create one by following the registration process.

2. Manage Your Releases: Once logged in, navigate to the “Edit Content” section or a similar area, where you can manage your releases and artwork.

3. Edit Details: Locate the album for which you want to upload the animated cover. Select the option to edit the album details.

4. Upload: Look for the album cover field and choose the option to upload a new cover. Select the animated album cover file from your computer and wait for the upload to complete.

After the upload is successful, Tidal will process your animated album cover. This may take some time, so be patient. Once processed, your animated cover will be displayed on the Tidal platform, ready to captivate listeners and add an exciting visual dimension to your music.


By collaborating with me and following this step-by-step guide you can effectively create and upload a stunning animated album cover on Tidal music streaming platform. Together, we will bring your music to life with captivating visuals that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your music and stand out from the crowd. Explore my portfolio and let’s start creating your animated album cover today!

MANZON, Bruno Carvalho

2D Animation Specialist, CARVALHO-MANZON Digital Arts

Specialized in 2D animation and focused on animated album covers, MANZON has been helping artists to conquer their space on social networks and music streaming platforms since 2022 with more than 500+ animated album covers content (including animated wallpapers) on social media platforms and YouTube. With over 10M views across platforms, MANZON is the #1 artist in the development of animated album covers.

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In a highly competitive industry like music, animated album covers are the ultimate solution to stand out. Learn how to provide animated album covers for your songs and how to upload your animations to supported music streaming platforms.

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How to upload animated album covers to supported music streaming platforms.

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Increase sharing of your music online.

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Win fans with eye-catching animated album covers.

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